Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Daily Miniature

Yesterday we drove to Boulder and and since I was a passenger, I was able to really look at the landscape. Granted the scenes were fleeting, but they were inspiring nonetheless. Colorado has some very beautiful areas, and the Highway stretch from Longmont to Boulder makes me dream of rural living and blissful days of painting. Someone reminded me of this website, Daily Painter, and I was inspired enough to make a commitment to paint every day. My new commitment might only last 3 days, but I'll give it a try and maybe I'll surprise myself. This little scene is an impression from that drive. Originally, there was a man walking down the path carrying his harvest, but it just didn't translate well in this miniature.

Monday, June 29, 2009

The echo cave

The more I look at this the more I want to keep it. Or is it because I love orange? This is the echo amplitheater in Abiquiu, New Mexico and it brings back loads of memories. I spent many hours here with my family yelling into the cave and laughing at our silly echoing voices.

First successful landscape

I'm really happy with this one. I think I'm onto something because I tried a new technique. It's not my usual scrubbing and stressing over the surface. Well, there was some of that, but I'm getting where I want to go this time. This is a scene in Abiquiu, New Mexico. I started to paint this series since I've been homesick for the high desert. Painting this really takes me home.

Another Landscape

This is an imaginary landscape. It's gone through a few changes but I'm happy to stop here.